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Day +96: Out of the Cocoon

Imagine you are a Monarch Butterfly caterpillar. You are on a milkweed leaf munching away. Your skin is stripped yellow, black, and white to look like a part of the plant. At the same time you are aware that predators … Continue reading

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Day +53: Ten Reasons to Be Thankful

One of the latest challenges on Facebook is to name X number of things you are thankful for over Y number of days. (Notice the use of my high school algebra.) So I thought it appropriate to make a list … Continue reading

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T-25: There’s Power in the Blood

We were singing a worship song this morning that contained a reference to Jesus’ blood and a new heart. Then it hit me! (I know. I’m a bit slow on the uptick.) If it weren’t for my very first blood … Continue reading

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The Waterfall

The first thing that drew me was the sound – light, happy sounds almost like gentle rain. We turned the corner and there it was, a beautiful ceiling to floor waterfall. I’m talking twenty foot or so. We sat and … Continue reading

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Family, Friends, and Faith

Do you remember 4H clubs? Our daughters were in 4H. I don’t have a clue what the four H’s are, but I know two of our girls learned to raise rabbits, kill and dress them, and trade them for shoes. … Continue reading

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