If You Want to Help

I realize that most people look at me and see a “healthy” individual. What I don’t think anyone understands is that what I am facing is a “last ditch” effort. I have not responded to the latest round of treatments, which have been cancelled. There are no further “normal” treatments available. The only way I can be medically “healed” of CLL or have any hope of medical healing is through experimental drugs and a transplant – or a divine miracle. Should these medical options fail, the outlook is very dim indeed.

With the latest turn of events (chemo treatments in MD Anderson through a clinical trial program), expenses are piling up. Sure, hospital costs are covered by Medicare and supplemental insurance, but nothing covers the expenses of getting there and back, Melanie’s housing and meals, our housing and meals after my release from the chemo treatments while we must remain in Houston. No matter how long we are gone, we still have expenses here. Our house must be maintained. Our pets must be taken care of. Our bills still have to be paid.

At this time, we estimate our time in Houston will be at least twenty-one (21) days, however, that is only an guestimate. Once the first round of chemo is complete, the doctors may call for a second without a break to come home. Or, if the results of the first round are satisfactory, we may go straight into the transplant program, again without a trip home. I guess what I am saying is that we DON’T KNOW how long we will be away from home.

We thought we had things fairly well accounted for until this turn of events. At a minimum, this trip will cost us at least $3900.00 out of pocket. These costs will only escalate once we enter the transplant program. That hospital stay will be for three weeks followed by extensive time in Houston totaling 100 days or more and follow-up visits to MD Anderson for at least a year. We figure the total costs will be somewhere around $30,000. Now is the time that you can really help us. Please consider a financial donation. Also, please ask your friends to consider joining us in this process by emailing everyone in your contact list, posting our addresses on all of your social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Anything you can do to help us will be appreciated.

To make financial donations, please navigate to our “Donate” page, http://www.harleyhudson.com/donate where you can make contributions through PayPal or find our physical address to send a check.

As always, we value your prayer support as well. That is really more valuable than the financial support. If we have people praying, the finances will follow.

Thank you for your support,

Harley and Melanie


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