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Day +171: In Good Hands

“It’s like this,” he said cupping his left hand. “This is the hand of God.” Raising his right hand with the index finger extended, “This is you,” and he places the finger in the cupped palm. “Life is good. The … Continue reading

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Day 161: High Hopes

High Hopes Next time you’re found With your chin on the ground There’s a lot to be learned So look around. Just what makes that little old ant Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant Anyone knows an ant, can’t … Continue reading

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Day 150: Life Is a Vapor

Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.[1] I was reminded this week of exactly how fragile life really is. It … Continue reading

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Day +144: Not a Bed of Roses

This post was supposed to be a week 1 at home summary. Then it became a week 2 summary. It is now a week 6 summary. Have you wondered what happened to me? Well, here’s the story. I drove home … Continue reading

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My latest on Cancerwise

Here is my latest blog and video on Cancerwise. Read and watch it here:

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Day +96: Out of the Cocoon

Imagine you are a Monarch Butterfly caterpillar. You are on a milkweed leaf munching away. Your skin is stripped yellow, black, and white to look like a part of the plant. At the same time you are aware that predators … Continue reading

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Day +94: Observations

At six days until our homecoming, it is time to make some observations about what we have seen and done. Observation 1: As a recent Cancerwise poster mentioned a few days ago, we can come here expecting to see people … Continue reading

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