Day +78: We Passed a Test!

Yep, things are looking up. We participated in our personalized SCT Survivor Training class. We answered many questions. We looked at a paper copy of a PowerPoint presentation filled with information about living safely at home after a Stem Cell Transplant. Then we had to answer questions about what we saw in several enlarged photos – mostly about what to look for in GVHD (Graft Vs Host Disease). We are now untethered from one department – our first step towards going home.

I also passed another test: a complete pulmonary function test (PFT). It consisted of three different breathing tests while on a machine housed in an oversized phone booth. Two of the tests were repeated three times for comparison. I passed each with better numbers with each repetition. The final test was only repeated twice, but after a four minute break. Passed them both, too.

Even more interesting was the PFT tester. She is a committed Christian, so we spent the four minutes discussing the miraculous works of God in my life, the workings of MD Anderson, and the various patients she sees. It was a wonderful time with a wonderful sister in Christ. We hugged at the end and she wished me God’s blessings.

But today’s eventsquilt didn’t end there. I made my daily trek to the mailbox and found a key to box #5 in it. I found #5 and opened it to find a large box from Melanie’s cousin. I finished my walk around the quad two times carrying the box before I returned to the apartment. In the box we found two lap quilts custom made for us. Melanie’s is a beautiful blue/pastel pattern. Mine is a lovely patriotic theme with shades of brown as the predominant color. Perfect. Inside, she had stitched a personalized tag stating for whom it was made, buy whom it was made, a personal note, Bible verse, and the year. Melanie’s cousin says this is the gift God gave her and she likes to share it whenever possible. Thank you!

I now feel free to release another blessing notice. I had my hearing tested several weeks ago. My ever present tinnitus has become more severe with all the treatments. Melanie had been wanting my hearing tested for a long time, because I accuse her of mumbling. She says she is NOT mumbling. Honestly, we know that I have hearing loss. The audiologist  did advise that I get hearing aids. He pointed out a top of the line model that has help modes that often relieve some of the tinnitus. They only cost $2,000.00 each. Yeh, sure.

The audiologist asked about insurance and said they would check.  If hearing aids

weren’t covered, we might qualify for a program. I signed the papers today. Free hearing aids are on the way! I can hardly wait. I sat in the shuttle today while everyone was talking. I couldn’t understand anything anyone was saying. This and many other problems may be solved! PTL! Hallelujah! Amen! God is indeed good.

These are just samples of how God has blessed us with miracle after miracle while we have been here. We will discuss more of them as time goes by.

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