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Day +75: One Day at a Time

More years than I want to think about, Merle Haggard wrote a song that should become the stem cell transplant patient’s theme song. The chorus goes like this: One day at a time sweet Jesus that’s all I’m asking from … Continue reading

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A New Cancerwise Post and Video

This Cancerwise vidoe was recorded about three weeks ago. The accompanying blog was written last week. It includes something I have never done before in a blog post. See what it is at HINT: it sorta rhymes

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Day +53: Ten Reasons to Be Thankful

One of the latest challenges on Facebook is to name X number of things you are thankful for over Y number of days. (Notice the use of my high school algebra.) So I thought it appropriate to make a list … Continue reading

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Day +47: Wow! What a Ride.

“Wow! What a ride.” That’s what I expected to say about now. I wasn’t thinking the trip would be like a giant roller coaster. That would have been too much. Instead, I thought it might be like riding a ski … Continue reading

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