Day – 6 and Counting

I’DSC_7890m glad today is over. We started out being early for everything, blood/specimen collection and a CT of the sinuses (just regular sinusitis as it turned out) then things kind of went to pot, timing wise. We waited for one doctor until it was time to see another. Switched waiting rooms and waited. Saw my leukemia doctor, Dr. Kadia, for the final time. Went back to the stem cell transplantation center and waited some more. We were well behind schedule by this time.

But I know how to get into the doctors into exam rooms. I opened my Kindle and started reading. Works every time.

Dr. Khouri, my transplant doctor, was concerned about my liver enzymes being too high. He ordered a breakdown, STAT. 20 minutes later, he said everything was good to go. Whew. After this week, I didn’t want to start the process over. If you didn’t know, I emailed the clinic on Monday about a white spot in my throat. That prompted a quick visit to the clinic where they eventually ordered two more antibiotics and Tamiflu. Of course, this prompted a trip to Sam’s pharmacy.

Last night was another scare. When I settled into bed a bit after 10:00, I felt a bit warm. I took my temp with one of two digital thermometers. It read 100.4. One tenth of a degree from the 100.5 that would have necessitated a trip to the ER. I tried the second digital thermometer. It read 100.0. Which was right? I decided to wait a few minutes and try again. 100.2 and 99.9. A few minutes more and 99.9 on both thermometers. I went to sleep and had weird dreams. This morning the temp was down to 98.9 at home. 98.7 at one vitals check and 99.1 at the next. I was not sure I would be cleared for takeoff.

See what I mean about this week?

We had my CVC dressing changed and attended a “Care During Transplant” class at 2:00 where we went over nearly everything in the Transplant Patient Book via slides and lecture where we learned a few things we didn’t know. We were joined by 5 other patient groups.

So, tomorrow is the first big day. Admission. Only 6 days and a few hours to Day 0. My white blood count will be 0. My platelets will be 0. My hemoglobin will be low. Everyone who comes into my room will have to be masked and gloved – including Melanie. She’ll be so cute in a mask. Just pray with me that it never comes to the mask, gloves, and GOWN stage. That would mean that I have a transmittable infection. Don’t want that. Uh-Uh. No way.

Now that I have bored you with my life history, I want to thank all of you faithful readers for your support. I pray that I have helped some of you along the way. No, I won’t quit writing, so stay tuned for more to come. I have a surprise for you all, if it works out.


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