D-15: Life’s a Whirlwind

Whew! Life since last Tuesday has been a whirlwind of activity or trying to catch enough energy to enter the fray again. I have had time to write; I haven’t had the energy. IDSC_7852t’s not that I have forgotten all of you since “Houston or Bust”; I have just been too busy or too tired.

With that said, I will try to get you up to speed. We (Melanie, Tara our Oregon daughter, and I) left Hot Springs at 6:10 AM, just 10 minutes off target. Google Maps nailed the travel time of 6 hours and 45 minutes almost to the second. We arrived and registered at Hospitality Apartments just before 2:00 PM. I drove. Tara navigated. Melanie was the back seat driver (a silent one for the most part). We were lost only once and that cost us no more than 5 minutes or so.

Then came the unpacking and putting away. After a long drive, unpacking was the biggest challenge. That done, we unpacked the essentials and rested the rest of the day. For the first time in our married lives, Melanie and I are not sleeping in the same bed. Twins. We push them together, but it’s not the same. That cavern in the middle is a bit restrictive. Wednesday was a non-medical day, so we did more unpacking and putting away. Still not completely done with that. When our new “home” is photo ready, we will post pictures on our Harley’s Super Heroes page. We all went to a Wal-Mart allowing for some shopping, exploring, and practice driving in Houston. Then, we rested.

Thursday was the first medical day with a large blood draw (14 vials) followed by visits with my transplant doctor, Dr. Khouri, and several other people on our transplant team. We ate is Anderson Café that day then came home. Melanie and Tara went shopping again. This is like setting up house all over again. We brought all the stuff we thought to bring packed in the car. Now we have to buy the stuff we didn’t bring (perishables) and things we should have brought but forgot about or didn’t have room for. I tried to catch up on my resting.

Friday, was a larger medical day, ending with a PET scan scheduled for 2:00 PM. Fortunately, everything ran ahead of schedule and I finished before 2:00! Amazing. Tara took time to visit with a friend overnight and returned on Saturday.  Melanie did laundry on Saturday, I puttered around the house and rested. We read the necessary documents from our doctor about the transplant procedure. It seems I am in another trial. This time I will be administered a different drug for pre-conditioning. It has been an exhausting time.

DSC_7840Sunday started with “attending” our church, Lake Valley Community Church, via internet. Melanie and Tara took a class on maintaining my CVC, the external port in my chest used to infuse drugs. I drove them to the hospital then drove around the Houston area for a while. Part of that time, I walked through a nice little park with a wonderful water feature. Of course, I took my camera and have some nice pictures. The one attached to this blog is an example. Tara and Melanie went shopping for more essentials. I rested from my 2 hour adventure.

Today, Monday, was filled with morning tests and a long nap. Now I have time to write all the stuff that I was thinking about. Unfortunately, I don’t have room to do that now.

Oh well. TTFN.

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