T-20: Packing the Most Important Thing

T-20Even with all the planning and packing, it is easy to forget something. As I’ve mentioned before, we have lists. I think we even have lists of lists. It is doubtful that we have forgotten anything that we need, might need, may need, or have a remote possibility of needing. Now the big question is, “Will it all fit into our car along with three people?”

I rather suspect packing will be an interesting experience. If things go my way, everything that needs to be packed will be brought out to the car before anything goes in. I am a meticulous car packer. I have a method. That method leads to a packing job so tight a mosquito couldn’t live on the air left in the trunk. At least that’s the plan … according to Harley.

Reality may be different. It usually is. Melanie will come out and say something like, “You can’t pack that there. I need it up front with me.” Uh. OK. Sure, it fit perfectly in the place I had it. Doesn’t matter. Out it comes only to join two coolers, overnight bags, snack bags, and other “necessities”.

Even worse is this one. “Where is that small box with … in it?” What box? There are a dozen small boxes in there. What does it look like? “You know. The one with the writing on the outside.” I look at the boxes. Half of them have writing. Out comes every box to be opened, found, added to, or taken away from, and repacked.

Of course, Melanie isn’t the only obstacle to my perfect packing. Our oldest daughter is coming to help. Tara is a lot like me, a take charge kind of person. I can see it now. She carries a box out and sees what she thinks is the perfect place for it. She stuffs it in just as I turn around with the box I planned to place in that location. Boom! The question is “conflict or acquiescence?”  I think it may depend upon how tired I am at this point. I know I will try my best to be accommodating.

I do have to remind myself that there is something that I need to pack plenty of. Even if I take an overabundance, it won’t take much room. It may be huge, but it is compact. It will fit anywhere. It is an essential item which will see us through any possible difficulty. Still, it is easy to forget. What is it? My handgun? No. An extra gas can? Hardly. Blankets? Provided. What can be so important but still be so easily forgotten?

My faith. It is easy to rely upon the physical. Tara will help drive. People are taking care on the home front. MD Anderson and my doctors are the best in the world. But, they aren’t God. People fail. MD Anderson and my doctors loose a patient now and then. God will never fail. In Him I am secure no matter what challenges I face. I trust that He and He alone will by my strength and my salvation. He can use Tara, other people, MD Anderson and my doctors. I must always remember; these are just tools in the hand of my mighty, wonderful, gracious, living, loving God.

I’ve packed my faith. I challenge you to do the same. When trials come, and they will, exercise your faith and trust the God who will never fail.

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