It seems I am into “marT-52athon days”. You may have already read about our flying trip to Houston and our road trip to the in in-law’s in T-63 and T-58.

We followed those trips with a drive to Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas to witness DSC_7288our oldest grandson’s, Colton Terry, graduation from high school. Colton has been homeschooled most of his life. So the ceremony was a compilation of homeschoolers from around the state. This trip was two hours up, two hours there, and two hours back for a total of six hours, four of them on the road. It was worth it. Colton has worked hard, especially over the last year, since he did the senior thing as a dual credit student at National Park Community College. I was able to help him with his Comp I class, but he fell in love with Biology. His goal now is to major in micro-biology.

That trip was followed by a combination morning service (we usually have two), baptism, DSC_7385and picnic at our church, Lake Valley Community Church. I can hear you. “How is that a marathon day?” Did I mention that I am the church’s unofficial photographer? I volunteer to take pictures because I love to do it. We took two chairs to the service, but only one was used. I spent the entire time roaming the grounds taking photos. Nearly 200 of them. As much as I love taking pictures, I have always found events like this tiring, exhausting even. I suspect any event photographer will tell you the same. It takes a lot of energy looking for that special shot that will make the viewer smile, searching for that unusual angle that best tells the story, capturing the spirit that defines the event. I went home and crashed before lunch (no, we didn’t stay for the picnic).

I guess I say all of this to let you know that I am getting stronger. I am doing things that I could not have even imagined a few short months ago. This is good since I am in training for the big “marathon” – my stem cell transplant in 52 days, 14 hours, and a few minutes.


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