On the razor’s edge…

This guest blog hits home to everyone who uses words … um … all of us. Words can be used to heal or hurt. How we use them can be even more powerful. Let’s heed the words of James at the end of this blog.



On the razor’s edge is life with me
Words slicing over time, creating scars deeper than the naked eye can see

Sometimes soft and smooth like a butter knife spreading the morning jam on your toast
Sometimes pointed and sharp, like the blade that pierces the milk jug for this afternoon project to build a bird house
Sometimes jagged, like the serrated edge that saws back and forth through the fat layers of meat served upon tonight’s dinner plate
As the barrage of words fly from my lips, carefully selected to capture whatever feeling and emotion I’ve been harboring deep within
I realize, it’s not the words I should be choosing so carefully
Instead, the edge rests on a choice I have to make
The real choice is…whether or not to say them at all
For it’s in my choice of words
One’s which can carve deeply into you
soft and tender like butterfly kisses

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1 Response to On the razor’s edge…

  1. god[isms] says:

    Thank you for the reblog 🙂
    The book of James may be the shortest book in the bible, but its packed with the most important lessons we all need to follow.
    It’s words that can build us up and words can just as easily make us crumble and fall…choose wisely.

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