T-58Last week was something else. My last post “T-63” detailed our flying, pun intended, trip to Houston. What followed was just as epic if not even more so.

After arriving home on Wednesday night and a good night’s sleep, we awoke to prepare for a trip to the in-laws. That wouldn’t be too much except for the fact that they live in Macomb, Illinois. According to MapQuest, that amounts to a ten hour drive. Melanie doesn’t like driving, especially my truck. I wasn’t sure how I would handle driving that far in one day. We were committed to the trip. Melanie missed her “sister reunion” last year and would miss it again this year due to my health issues. It had been two years since she saw her parents. It had been even more for me since I am not invited to “sister reunions”. We knew we would miss this year and likely next year, so we really made the decision to travel northward.

We priced airline tickets. Too expensive and too many transfers. Even then, we would have to rent a car in St. Louis and driven three hours. It didn’t make much sense. We drove our truck because I don’t like driving our old Buick. Did I mention that Melanie doesn’t like driving? She really doesn’t like driving the pickup.

We left at 6:00 AM after a fitful night of sleep for both of us. I thought we might be driving in rain all the way. It turned out to be a beautiful day for driving: clouds in the morning so we did not have the sun in our eyes driving towards Memphis. After turning north, the sun came out and blue skies prevailed for the remainder of the trip arriving at 4:07 PM. The trip lasted ten ours and seven minutes. MapQuest knows what it’s talking about. Directions at the end were a bit messy, but we knew where we were by then.

Saturday and Sunday were spent visiting with Mom and Dad Mansir and Melanie’s sister and brother-in-law Lara and Dan Lessard and another sister (she has four of them) Teresa Webb who drove in for a Saturday visit. Melanie and Teresa planted flowers in Mom’s large pots as part of a Mother’s Day gift. Sunday dinner was hosted by Lara. We were joined by two of her children and family. All-in-all, it was a good time of visiting.

Monday, yesterday, rolled around for the return trip. We chose a different route. This time we traveled most of the time in Missouri beginning at Hannibal. This trip was supposed to be one minute shorter per MapQuest. I suppose it might have been if we hadn’t stopped for gas twice. (I didn’t fill up in Macomb because gas is so expensive there.) The surprise was that the trip, though the same length in miles, was that it was all four lane highway or Interstate. No small towns to slow us down. We did, however, run into some significant rain showers, never too long, but some were very hard, slowing us down a bit. Again I drove all the way. This trip took about ten hours and ten minutes.

So, here we are; home again. Tired, wired, and needing to get ready for another trip to Houston before the big one. T-43 days until we leave. I had best get busy on my To-Do list. Oh, I can’t. It’s raining today. Darn. I’m really bummed.


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3 Responses to T-58

  1. Mary Stelzer says:

    So enjoying your stories…..my prayers are with you on your journey!

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