Woe is me. All is undone. Well, not really. Here it is T-69 and my list is not getting shorter. It has actually grown. Last week I noticed the tires on my wife’s car were showing T-69excessive wear on the outside edge. I added a trip to the tire store to the list. I went Monday and had the tires changed and the car’s alignment adjusted. This is the car we will drive to Houston and Melanie will drive while there. (That is if she can get the courage and confidence to do so. We are praying for housing close to the hospital and necessary services.)

Checked that off. I went to do another task, supposedly simple. We have a whisky barrel pond in the front of our house. I needed to change the plumbing a bit to conserve water. I cut the necessary pipe and added the necessary fittings. I went to turn the power back on and “POW” smoke arose from the outlet! That simple task required a trip to Lowes and an $80.00 plus bill. I worked on it and thought it was done. Turned the power on again … and nothing happened. Hmmm. I’m still working on that one.

Meanwhile not much is being done on the rest of the list and the time is counting down. I now have 54 days until we leave. Woe is me. Will I ever get everything done in addition to packing for a long stay in Houston?

Time will tell. At some point, the To-Do list will become a Can’t-Do list, and I will throw it away. I won’t even pull a Scarlett O’Hara and “Think about it tomorrow.” Maybe next year.

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