T-75 So I have my “To-Do” list which contains 18 items. I have completed 5 items and have a 6th at a point where it could be called complete. If Melanie doesn’t add to the tasks, I can consider myself 1/3rd complete! Sweeeet.

Of course there is only one problem with my accomplishments; some of those items are the easiest to do. That leaves the hard ones, the more complicated ones, or the most strenuous ones yet to even begin. I suppose I could say I have begun on them. I’ve thought about them. I have planned in my head how they can be accomplished. If I take the position of a former President who shall remain unnamed, if I have thought about completing it, then it is complete.

Let me see. What is yet to be “done” on this list? I’ve thought about all of it. I’ve planned a way for it all to be accomplished. Using presidential prescience, I’M DONE!

Now on to packing ….

PS: Melanie has taken the Congressional position and over rides my executive action. Darn. Back to the old drawing board.



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