T-77: Planning and Doing

Yes, that is the cT-ountdown to my stem cell transplant. But that is only half the story. It is T-62 to the day we must be packed and ready for the drive to Houston. Someone asked me why we were
waiting so long. I had a ready answer. I wanted to complete nine months on the trial drug ABT-199. In addition, it will take that long to be ready for the trip. Packing is a nightmare. How do you pack for at least 100 days away from home?

It is not just the packing. There is much more to it than that. We have pets that we need to buy supplies for. We don’t want the pet/house sitter to have to worry about buying pet supplies. We must also see to their veterinarian needs before we leave. That is one problem.

Another is getting the house ready for our prolonged absence and my convalescence once we return. I have numerous jobs on my to-do list, things that must be completed before we can depart. Some of them are easy to do. Others are more difficult. Some, unfortunately, will not get done. I have them prioritized. I noticed the other day that the front tires of our car are wearing. I will have to see to that before the trip as well. That is on my list of things to accomplish as strength, endurance, and weather permits.

Melanie has her own list. She is trying to get our prescription list arranged so it will be easier to get refills in Houston. She has a whole passel of financial/medical/records that need to be updated and arranged so they can be managed from Houston. This will also require assistance from our daughter Christy. She will check the mail, fax or copy and email bills and other important documents. What is of less importance but needed, she will bundle and mail to us. Melanie also has to buy supplies for our trip and at least a few days of our stay. It will take her a while to get oriented to driving in Houston – and she is not looking forward to it. (She is directionally challenged.)

Concerning the packing, we at least have some experience with that since we stayed in Houston for 60 days last year. Still, we have things that we will take or want to take to make life easier for this stay. We have tubs and boxes ready to be filled. We have lists of things we know we need. All of this has to be assembled and packed. Unfortunately, some of the items to take are in daily use. Can you say, “Last minute?”

So, you can see that 62 days is not all that far away. Two months will pass quickly – far too quickly, I’m afraid. Oh, did I mention that we must make a trip to Illinois to visit with Melanie’s mother and dad? We are planning to make that trip in May for Mother’s Day. That will effectively turn the 62 days into 58 days. Then there are the couple of days to recover from the long drive north. Make that 56 days. That’s LESS than two months.

No, we are not panicking; we know it can be done. We also know the Lord is our guide through this. He will not fail us. He will make sure we are taken care of. Still, it won’t be easy, but then the next 100 days won’t be easy either. Well, that’s enough for now. Until next time, TTFN.

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One Response to T-77: Planning and Doing

  1. I’ll be in Houston at the end of June for sure, maybe earlier. Would love to take that opportunity to meet in person. Let me know.

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