No Compromise?       

(Author’s Note: This is not a medical post. I have decided that from time to time I will post something non-medical … just because.)

An ad on the back of my photography magazine says, “Creative freedom without compromise.” This statement is accompanied by a full page photo of a model draped in red light. In the lower right corner is a picture of a very expensive and complicated looking (lots of dials and a LED display) piece of equipment. I thought to myself, “Yeh. Right. Anyone who uses this equipment has made at least two compromises.” Nearly everything requires compromise. The question is what will be compromised?

In the case of this ad, the photographer who uses this equipment will compromise his pocketbook. Flash power supplies are not cheap. He will also compromise simplicity. I’ve learned that anything with dials, buttons, and LED readouts is more complicated than a similar item with no dials, buttons, and LED readouts.

So you are going to buy a car. Unless you have unlimited cash flow, you will make at least one compromise. You will not buy that Lamborghini but will compromise and buy the much cheaper Mustang. You will not buy the Corvette of your dreams but purchase a minivan because you can’t fit a wife and three kids in the Corvette. See what I mean? Compromise. This type of compromise takes place with any purchase, whether it is a home, a boat, clothing, or even groceries. (Buying store brand vs a brand name is a wise compromise, by the way.)

Let’s move away from purchases to another area requiring compromise … how about safety? We all like to feel safe, right? What are you willing to compromise in order to have that safe feeling? Just down the street from me is a condo – a safe condo. It is surrounded by a tall wooden fence and is accessed through a gate that is always closed. The people inside are relatively safe – it is a “gated community.” Even if the condo cost is the same as the non-gated condos across the street, there are other compromises. Everyone who enters must either stop and enter a code to open the gate or press a button on a remote control to do the same. Compromise. If a friend wants to pay a visit, she has to call from the call box and request entrance. The owner has to answer the call and press a button for the gate to open. Compromise. The secret code must be given to emergency services. Compromise. Even the UPS guy has a code. Compromise.

I can hear all of my Christian friends saying, “I will NEVER compromise my faith.” Oh, really? Do you recall the compromise you made to gain your faith? You had to give something up – you surrendered control over your life. Compromise. If you were talking about AFTER your choosing faith, stop and think. Have you ever disobeyed what you knew God wanted? You compromised your faith. None of us has totally released control of our lives. We want it both ways – faith and control. Compromise.

We all make compromises every day. Life can’t be lived without compromise. The real issue is whether the gain from compromise is worth the loss. When it comes to trusting God, I willingly choose to compromise my will to gain His – most of the time – well, a lot of the time.

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