I’ve read it several times in the past couple weeks. It reads in various forms, but the meaning is the same: “I don’t believe in coincidence.” “There is no such thing as coincidence.” “With God, there are no coincidences.” As I have looked back over my years, I have come to totally agree with this statement.

I believe that each one of us was born with a purpose in mind. When I was a kid, I used to be enthralled with mechanical things. I loved to look at them trying to figure out how they worked. I’ve lost track of how many items I’ve taken apart – and some I actually put back together. They ranged from a sled with broken slats, to a small gasoline engine, to a watch. The sled was never repaired. The engine was returned to service, though I never figured out how to turn it into a go-cart. The watch – well, that was a different learning experience altogether.

One thing I took away from every experience was that every part had a purpose. It may have been a dramatic purpose like the piston in the engine, or it may have been a seemingly insignificant purpose, like the left over gears on the watch. Not only did everything have a purpose, it had a particular place to be. Every gear on that watch had to be in exactly the right place for the instrument to tell correct time. Without the bolts holding the piston to the crankshaft, the engine would never run. I also discovered that some parts were interchangeable – sorta. A short bolt may work in one place of a longer one, but the longer one that was supposed to work there did not work at all in the place designed for the shorter bolt.

Yes, I believe that every life has a purpose and a place to be. I also believe that we will never be truly happy until we are fulfilling that purpose. I also believe that we can life our whole lives and never know what we are to do with what we have. Imagine for a minute that you are designed to be a doctor. You loved science since before you went to kindergarten. You excelled in every science class, but you loved biology the most. You saw your need to be a doctor, so you entered college as a pre-med student. However, along the way you became sidetracked. Perhaps a particular young lady or gentleman caught your eye. You became obsessed with her/him. You lost your way married her/him and became a businessperson instead. You thought you would be happy. You tried business after business but were never satisfied. Why? Because you were supposed to be a doctor. You were supposed to be saving lives, not dollars.

Sure, that is a fictional account, but it may not be too far off for some of us. That doesn’t mean all is lost. Back to our fictional life. Imagine that at the age of 35 you decide that enough is enough. You return to school. You finish your pre-med course. You enter med school with the help of family and friends. You become the oldest resident at a prestigious hospital, and you become a doctor. Not only do you become a doctor, but because of your business experience, you discover a cure for business related illnesses and saved thousands of lives. Now what do you think? Perhaps, just maybe, it was in your plan all along for you to follow this path. Or, perhaps, just maybe, you were given a second chance to become what you were designed to be.

Like that broken engine, after I fixed the scratches in the cylinder and replaced the rings, we can all be reborn to the purpose for which we were designed. I went through fifteen careers before I became the teacher I was meant to be. It took that long to give me the skills necessary to teach English to young men and women in a Christian high school. Even now, after that career closed and two more opened before I retired, I have a new career as a blogger. This career may last the rest of my life, or it may end after I have encouraged the one individual I am supposed to touch. All I know is that I am content with my life, and I find myself truly happy.

All I know is that each of us has a purpose, and we will never be truly happy or content until we fulfill that purpose. It is life’s twists and turns that bring us to the place we are supposed to be. Yes, even my struggle with CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, has a purpose.

If you are not content with your life, check to see what your purpose is. Do not be afraid to chuck one career or path to try another – at any age. Be willing to change until you have found your purpose and have fulfilled it.

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