The Role of Faith

Believe it or not, everyone has faith – in something. It is evident when we know how “faith” is defined. “Faith” is a “church” word. Those who have been in the church for a while understand, or think they understand, what the word means. The non-church meaning of the word is “trust”. We all trust in something or someone. I trust that the chair I’m sitting in will continue to hold me up. I trust that my wife loves me and will continue to do so through thick or thin. I trust that when I flip the switch, the lights will come on. I have lots of trust. We all do. The question is in whom, or what, do we have trust.

After I was diagnosed with CLL, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, I had trust (faith) in my doctors. I trusted Dr. Lucas because she had proven herself both knowledgeable and compassionate. I trusted Dr. Latuada because Dr. Lucas trusted him. It didn’t take long for me to learn to trust Dr. Kota. She was much like Dr. Lucas. She spent time with me, explaining what was happening, what we could do, and why we needed to do it. I literally put my life in their hands. When all else failed, I trusted the medical team at MD Anderson, at first, because of their reputation and later because of their knowledge and compassion.

More importantly, I have faith in a power much greater than all my doctors put together. I have faith in (I trust in) the power of God. He has never failed me in the past, even when I made serious blunders. He has never reneged on a promise. He has never been late, but always on time. He has always answered my prayers. I can see how He has led me to the place where I am today, and more importantly, I can see why He led me down the path He did. Of course hind sight is perfect, if I allow myself to be honest.

I firmly believe that my faith, my trust, in my doctors and my God have brought me the quality of life that I now have. Though I am not healed, I am well. Yes, CLL still exists in my body, but it is not defeating me. What’s more, I am not alone in this belief. Scott Hamilton, the Gold Medal ice skater shares my position. I encourage you to watch his testimony in this video.

Faith is a powerful part of the healing process. Those who have faith are more likely to receive a healing. Even when the healing is not to come, those who have faith lead a fuller, more satisfying life. I can see how this has helped me through the long days of chemotherapy treatment. I can see how it has led me to MD Anderson. I can see how it has made the finances available to do all of this.

Yes, I have faith, but Paul tells us in Ephesians 2:8 that even our faith is a gift from God; it is not something that we can drum up.

Keep the faith.

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