Oh, the weather outside is frightful …

At ten weeks into the ABT-199 drug trial, I am glad to be home – even though the weather 2013-12-06 09.34.36in Houston is much warmer than Hot Springs. It has been sleeting accompanied by freezing rain here. Temperatures have dropped from the 70’s Wednesday to the low 30’s today and still dropping. The last time I checked, we are looking at a low of around 14.

We still have monthly visits to MD Anderson. The January visit will be for several days since multiple tests will be run including another CT scan. The plan is to still move towards the stem cell transplant, likely sometime in 2014. ABT-199 is not likely a permanent solution to my problem. The stem cell transplant is still the best hope for a cure.

Still, we are home and have been replenishing the refrigerator and pantry with needed items. We depleted the perishables before we left for our two month stay in Houston. I have brought firewood up to the porch for use in the fireplace. We took down the living room curtains. Melanie washed them. I took down the blinds (three in total – one really wide one) and helped Melanie wash them in the bath tub. While they were drying, I washed the inside of the windows.

Does it sound like I am regaining energy? Indeed, I am. I haven’t felt this good and this strong in many months. I am becoming restless. I want to be doing something other than reading books. I want to be outside taking pictures. I want to be shopping! No, don’t laugh. I really do want to be in the midst of the maddening crowds. Wal-Mart yesterday was packed. Every checkout was in service and had a line waiting. I loved it. It is about time to take advantage of my Silver Sneakers membership and hit the Y, maybe even hit the pool. I haven’t been in water deep enough to float in since we chaperoned the senior cruise in 2007.

I told Melanie I wanted a kayak so I could go fishing with my friend, Blaine. We sold our little boat years ago and our canoe last summer. Now I am floatless. I haven’t been fishing since 2001 and I am beginning to miss it. I doubt I will join him – at least until the summer and then only if I can find an inexpensive kayak. Come to think of it, I know nothing about kayaks and kayaking. Maybe I should fish from the shore.

Since my numbers are good (normal or near normal on all segments that are crucial), I have been attending church for the first time in seven or eight months. It is much better in person than the live-cast on the internet. It is easier to participate in person. Have you tried singing to an internet feed? It just isn’t the same. I also love interacting with all of our friends rather than watch them worship on the computer screen. I do thank God for the internet feed. It helped me feel a part of them even though I was apart from them.

I suppose I’ve rambled enough for one day. I do encourage you to think about those you may know or know about who are struggling with cancer or other serious illnesses. Remember them in your prayers. Find a way you can help them physically. An unexpected meal might be nice, or a visit (but call first). If they are financially stressed, maybe you could pay an electric or gas bill for them. Anything that says “I love you and want to help you” would mean a lot.

I know. We have been blessed by so many people in so many ways. Take the opportunity to “pay it forward.” You will be abundantly blessed for your efforts.

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2 Responses to Oh, the weather outside is frightful …

  1. Nancy Foley says:

    Did you see the article this weekend about a new gene therapy that is showing great promise? http://news.yahoo.com/gene-therapy-scores-big-wins-against-blood-cancers-160100028.html My husband has had CLL for 12 years. I am calling for more info. Maybe it could help you. Good luck!

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