Thank You, Lake Valley Community Church

I haven’t had much to say lately because there is not much happening here in Houston. Nodes keep shrinking, and tests are scheduled. At this point, we are looking at a homecoming on November 23rd – just in time for our November 24th anniversary and Thanksgiving.

That said, things have been happening at home.

It all started a couple weeks before we left. Melanie opened a letter from our insurance company informing us that our rental was due for an inspection. No problem, right? Later Melanie saw a woman with a clipboard checking the house. Again, no problem. We were expecting that. What we didn’t expect was the letter we received a few days before our departure for MD Anderson.

This letter included a list of items that needed repaired before the renewal date if we wanted our insurance renewed. Ouch. I was not in any condition to work on it. Nor were we in a position to hire someone to take on the task. We did the only thing we knew to do. We contacted our home group pastor, Jim Scott and discussed the situation with him. He agreed to take charge. After giving him our Lowe’s credit card to cover materials, we left everything in Jim’s hands. Later, we received a picture of some of the completed repairs – siding that had deteriorated with age. After that, we knew nothing about what was going on.

As we watched the live stream of our church’s Sunday morning service, an announcement was made about our participation in ShareFest – an outreach to our community by a number of churches. As the announcement was read, a list of projects was mentioned requesting people to sign up to help. I thought I heard mention of a roofing project. I didn’t think much about it.

On the day of the project, I received a photo from Morgan Golden, one of our pastors, showing several men working on our roof. Later in the day, Jim and Judy Scott sent us pictures of our rental. Not only did it have a new roof, but the siding had been repaired, the front porch had been rebuilt, and everything had been completed except a couple minor tasks and painting. WOW!

We had no idea. God has so richly blessed us. We can and have thanked God for His faithfulness and grace. However, we may never know everyone who took part in the whole process. We will have to let this serve for us:

To everyone who scraped off a shingle, who drove a nail, who sawed a board, who carried a bit of material, who made lunches for the workers, who picked up shingles off the ground, who prayed, scheduled, organized, and in any way helped on this project, you have our deepest gratitude. May you be richly blessed for your efforts. Thank you!

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