Trial Day 1

Getting sleep in a hospital is like flying to London without a plane. Not gonna happen. I was admitted last night about 6:00. I was then subjected to all of the usual admission hoopla. Questions. Repeated questions. Instructions. Oh, and supper! Grilled shrimp. Seasoned grilled veggies. Croissant. Watermelon. Sugar free cherry pie. Nice.

About 8:30 PM, the IV specialist arrived. Yes, everything has its specialist. Dinner was served not by a nurse or a caregiver in scrubs, but a waiter in a stylish black and white uniform. Snazzy! Back to the IV specialist. He accessed my port AND installed a line in my left wrist. My plumbing is complete.

Melanie left on the 8:00 shuttle to watch “Scandal” at 9:00. Yuck. I found a movie and started watching “Jack, the Giant Slayer”. In the hospital, a two hour movie can last three hours! I was interrupted by the nurse, the nurse’s assistant, Dr. Wierda, and the IV guy. I finished watching the movie I started about 8:30 at 11:00.

Sleep was slow coming. I think I finally dropped off just in time to be roused for vitals at 12:45 AM. Ditto for the 3:30 AM vitals. Then came the 4:00 AM blood draw. I set my alarm for 6:45 so I could order my low fat breakfast scheduled to arrive for my 7:30 meal – a requirement for my 8:00 AM drugs. Not much sleep.

Now breakfast is over and it is about time to take the first dose of ABT-199. The adventure begins!

On tap for today: blood draws beginning at 12:00 and proceeding every 2 hours until 8:00 PM. Urine samples periodically. Still being hydrated. Vitals every 2 hours.

I definitely feel pampered. At least lunch and dinner are from the regular menu. Yum. I can guarantee they will not be low fat!

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