In Good Hands

Several years ago, I developed a visual presentation to show people the value of staying in the center of God’s will. Usually, the recipients were young adults who were venturing into the world for the first time, a perilous time for any young Christian. In this demonstration, I held my left hand out before me, palm up, and slightly cupped. I explained that this was the hand of God. Then, with the right hand, index finger pointed up, I said that this represented the observer (you or me?). Moving the right hand to the left, I placed the finger in the center of God’s hand stating boldly that this was them (you) in the center of God’s will.

Once I had the recipient there, I explained that it was easy to stay there when times were good, but when times were rough, it was easy to stray. I moved the finger up the arm a bit. As long as we are in the center of God’s will (I moved the finger back), when the inevitable storms of life struck, and the storm becomes more severe than we can handle; we are protected. God takes His other hand and covers us. At this point, I took my right hand and cupped it over the left demonstrating God’s protection. No matter how severe the storm, be it a thunderstorm, a tornado, or a hurricane, God’s protection is sufficient.

When the storm passes, (I again formed the right hand into the index finger) we are secure, safe, and unharmed. If, however, we have strayed from the center of God’s will, when the storms come, we are battered buy the winds and rain.

People usually understood the point.

I had no idea how the storms of life would descend upon Melanie and me. I was diagnosed with an incurable, but treatable disease (CLL) in 2006. Melanie was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s Disease in 2011. Though the storms rage around us, and we are far from perfect, we have attempted to stay as close as we can to the center of God’s will, and He has protected us. Sure, we still have the diseases. We have suffered setbacks and disappointments, but, when things become too severe, the hand of God covers us.

It is reassuring to know that sometime in the future, the storms will pass, God will lift His protective hand, and we will see the glorious sunshine of a new day. Meanwhile, we rest in His love, grace, and mercy. It is our desire that our lives provide for those around us a new demonstration of what it means to be in the center of God’s will. Yes, we are indeed in good hands, God’s hands.

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