And the Winner Is …

I checked Facebook this morning and found a post from my brother-in-law, Doug. He started out like this:

On my birthday I woke up this morning (yea!) in a reflective mood as I looked in the mirror. (get it?) Seriously though, thanks to my mom for bringing me into this world and making the Most Of Me (mom). For my dad …

He continued on talking about his grandfathers, his brothers, and finished with his wife. I was moved. He is so sensitive and funny. Then it hit me, Doug’s post sounded like the speech of an Academy Award Best Actor winner. You know, “I’d like to thank my director (mom). My producer (dad). My supporting cast (grandfathers and brothers) and last, but not least, my co-star (wife).”

I don’t know if he intended to or not, but Doug made a valid point. Life is like an epic film. It starts with a shocking reality (birth) and moves into a relatively tranquil period (childhood). Something shocking happens (college or marriage or …) followed by instability (children) and turmoil (financial, physical, or emotional struggles). As the production draws to a conclusion, the trials of a long life resolve into something that resembles peace and security (retirement). The screen fades to black as the co-star (a stunning beauty – wife) kisses the lips of the dying star, a single tear courses down her cheek emoting both sorrow for her loss and the joy of a rich and full life for both. Soft emotional music fades out. The End.

I had to stop and think about my life. I have experience all of the above (except the end – I hope that is a long way off). I had the ideal childhood, raised in a small town with no worries. I went off to college. I married. We had children (three wonderful daughters of whom we are very proud). We’ve had our struggles financially and emotionally (but Father has always been there to see us through those times). As I look back, there are things I would change – but nothing major – nothing to change where I am right now. So, we are facing new challenges. Hopefully, a Stem Cell transplant will resolve those and delay the fade-out closing scene. (I keep telling Melanie that I must die one day after she does. She can’t function technologically without me, and I readily admit, I’m lost without her.) Perhaps our story will end in a blaze of glory with all of us who believe lifting skyward to meet the Prince of Peace in the air!

Our lives are a production – and God the Father is the Executive Producer. Jesus is the Producer. The Holy Spirit is the Director. We are the stars each with our own cast of characters. Some of those characters are evil antagonists. Some are loving co-stars. Others are character actors tasked with making us look good. All have contributed to who we are at this moment. If we are not who we want to be, it is most likely because we have refused to take instruction from the Executive Team. If we listen, they will make us into the good guy in a heartbeat. In the end, we need to acknowledge all of them for helping us become who we are.

It is my honor to accept this award. I wouldn’t be here without the help of ….

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