Hiccups and More

Quite a bit has happened since my last writing. Perhaps the most disturbing was a bout of hiccups yesterday. This is a frequent result of high-dose Prednisone usage which is part of my current chemo regimen. Fortunately, it is only a five-day cycle. Yes, a bout of hiccups is news … at least to me. It lasted for hours and hours. If you have had a serious hiccup event, you will know why it was upsetting. I tried nearly every cure in the book all to no avail. I even tried a few innovative ideas of my own with the same results. I asked for anti-hiccup prayer on Facebook. That eventually worked when I felt a nudging, I must assume, from the Holy Spirit to eat three scoops of French Silk ice cream. Yea, I hear you laughing. Sure, that was the unholy gut, you are saying. Well, laugh if you will, but somewhere between the second and third dip, the hiccups ceased and have not returned. See, it was really the Holy Spirit! I give Him and the prayers of my FB friends all the credit … plus I definitely enjoyed the cure.

It seems that my three Leukemia doctors have finally come to an agreement on treatment. I will continue with R-CHOP for two additional cycles, one of which was completed last Friday. This is a fairly rough treatment with some possible serious side effects. One of less critical, but troubling effects is insomnia. I think I slept for a grand total of thirty minutes Friday night/Saturday morning. And that was on a full dose of sleeping medicine! No, I didn’t toss and turn in bed and keep Melanie awake. I was a perfect gentleman, said my good night, and went to my recliner in the office where I spent the night reading and watching dumb movies from Amazon Prime on my Kindle. I did sleep real well last night.

My thanks for the day go to a former student, J K Slyby, who is working on his master’s degree in Colorado. He offered to create a web site to help us raise funds for the added expenses of a transplant. Airfare and hotel expenses in Houston are already adding up. Check his work at HarleyHudson.com. You can read a bit about me, a word from my wife, testimonials from friends and past students, and make a donation if you are so inclined. I have promised that any funds left over will be used to help others with their Leukemia needs. I also pledge to spend the funds frugally and wisely.

I also need to thank those who have already donated to the cause. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Our next trip to MD Anderson is scheduled for July 17th. We will be leaving on the 16th and returning after the last appointment. A one night stay will certainly be appreciated. Our house/dog sitter will be living in house for the night. Our puppies (all four of them – two ours and two we sit for) need to be fed, loved, and let out on their regular schedule. It is also better than an alarm service!

If you want to know more about Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, you can check with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We also encourage you to sign up as donors. Though the likelihood of you being a match for me is slim, there are thousands of people of all races and nationalities that may benefit from your bone marrow contribution. I will write about this at a later time.

Our God is in control; always know you can trust Him.


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