MD Anderson Day 2

In a way, today was rather anti-climatic. Nothing earth shattering happened at the transplant clinic.

Well, that is not exactly true. It seems that Dr. Khouri and Dr. Kadia are not necessarily in sync with the ongoing treatment plan. Dr. Kadia is the CLL physician. Dr. Khouri is the transplant physician. It seems that Kadia wants to do two more chemo treatments and do another CT scan. Khouri is afraid that that is too much if it is not working. He wants a CT scan before I start the next treatment. His concern is that one of the drugs in the R-CHOP regimen could damage my heart. He wants to know for a fact that the retimen is working.

Meanwhile, Dr. Koda, my Hot Springs oncologist, doesn’t want to do too many CT scans because of the added radiation, which can cause cancer! I told Dr. Khouri that the three of them could duke it out, and I will do what the consensus dictates.

That was the excitement. The harder news is that a transplant donor is yet to be verified. AND, the transplant will not take place until the CLL is under control. It could be as early as August or beyond before both issues, the donor and control, match. Oh, well. It will be cooler in Houston in the fall. Meanwhile, we are scheduling the next visit for July 17 & 18 – maybe. Who knows? Oh that’s right; God knows!

Thank you all for your prayers and support ( ).

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