MD Anderson Day 1

Well, this won’t be terribly inspirational, but I will post it anyway.

It has been a long morning, starting with a wake-up at 5:00 AM, breakfast at 6:00 and the shuttle at 6:30. Yes, the day started early. That is not unusual, but neither of us slept well last night – well, Melanie didn’t sleep at all! We don’t know the reason why, but it could have been the meds she took to keep her ears clear for the flight. Which is better, hurting ears or lack of sleep?

We went to the fast-lab at 7:00 for the usual blood draw. The vampires (I say that lovingly) love my blood. We waited around until 9:00 for our appointment and were ushered into the exam room at 9:15. Not bad, not bad at all. I answered all the usual questions, mostly with “no”: no pain, no rash, no headache, no fever, no night sweats ….

We waited … and waited … and waited. An hour later, we saw the Physician’s Assistant. I answered her questions, mostly with “no”. She had me climb on the exam table and looked into my mouth, my eyes, my ears. She listened to my heart, my lungs, and my gut. She even listened to my carotid arteries, right and left sides. I learned she is not from Chicago – important since I had a few typical down-state Illinois comments about Chicago floating off into Lake Michigan and becoming the 51st state of the Union! She is from New York, Brooklyn most recently, the suburbs from birth. She was very pleasant and thorough.

Then we waited … and waited. Not so long this time. Dr. Kadia joined our party. We talked for a while about CLL and my prognosis. His thoughts have been mine for the past several months. My case is a tough one. The CLL will eventually cease to respond to all the available treatments. The best solution is a transplant. We see the transplant doctor, Dr. Khori, tomorrow at 11:30.

We ate lunch in the cafeteria. I went to the “Smokin” section and ordered a brisket platter. It was good, but not nearly as good as Roland’s, Smokin in Style, or McLard’s in Hot Springs. Returned to the hotel at 1:00 where we are resting up for tomorrow’s adventure. More on that tomorrow.

We both value your prayers and financial contributions ( see if you want to help in that way.

God bless you all, both big and small.


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