Off To MD Anderson

As I write this, we are headed to MD Anderson for consultation with both the Leukemia Doctor and the Transplant Doctor. Hopefully, by the time we leave, we will know about a potential donor or two and what will be involved in the next step. It would be nice if we had a transplant date.

This is at the same time, exciting and a bit frightening. Exciting because the end result can free us from the tyranny that is CLL (Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia). Frightening because the journey is uncharted.

This reminds me of a dream I had years ago. In the dream, I faced a raging river on a dark night. It was imperative that I get to the other side (as in many dreams, I don’t know why). I had no way to get there, no boat, no bridge, no help at all. A voice tells me to take the first step. There are stones that will get me safely across. I hesitate. I don’t see a stone. The voice again says “Step ahead. Trust me. The stones are there.” With a great deal of trepidation, I take a step. Sure enough, just below the surface of the turbulent waters is a stone. I rest there. “Take another step,” the voice encourages. I’m beginning to trust the voice more. I step out. Another stone. Then another. And another. Very shortly, the swirling waters are behind, the far shore is under my feet, the storm has passed, and blessed sunshine lights my way.

This trip is the first step onto the first stone. I’ve learned to trust the voice. Together, Melanie and I – with you by our sides – will continue to step into the dark tempestuous waters. He is here. He will never leave us. All is well. I know the other side is within reach.

We will keep you posted through this and our facebook pages.


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4 Responses to Off To MD Anderson

  1. Jeremy Joly says:

    Very Inspirational, Thank you for posting this, what im going through myself isnt anywhere near as scary or difficult, but I really needed to read something like this today, I will continue praying, and thank you again for being such an inspiration.

  2. Dixie Shewmaker says:

    Hi Harley, I will continue to pray and now specifically for this trip. You just described how I have seen my faith walk for several years–only difference is in my mind I see an old cartoon character, a farmer. He is always being chased by something and inevitably ends up running across a lake or some other body of water. As he runs there is only water ahead of him but just as his foot comes in contact with the water a rock appears and supports his every step; thus he runs ahead without fear or a care of where his next step will be. God has proven himself so faithful over the years to always be present at the moment and exact point of our need; such a wonderful blessing and assurance. The trip may be uncharted from our view but every detail is known by our loving God. Love to you and Melanie.

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